Ready for the challenge

New Neighbors Series: Señora Peri

Kendall Bocklet

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A learning experience
October 15, 2020
Señora Peri stops to take a photo on an outing with her husband.

taken by Brandon Hopely

Señora Peri stops to take a photo on an outing with her husband.

     Sra. Venezia Lucia Perez Rivera has joined the Mount community as a Spanish Associative Teacher. Sra. Perez Rivera, who asks her students to call her Señora Peri, is impressed with her new students and their desire to learn. 

Although this is Sra. Peri’s first experience with American education, she has taught high school and college level students in her hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico five years prior to taking this position. Sra. Peri believes that multiculturalism makes a school flourish, and is grateful to bring her Mexican heritage to the school community.

     COVID-19 has brought its challenges to Peri’s transition to the classroom, but she is ready: “I like challenge, so I see this [as the] way to teach the future…” Despite the present difficulties, the student body has made her transition smoother and she hopes her hands-on approach to teaching will resonate with the students in-person and at home.

  Sra. Peri appreciates how much the Mount values education and feels a personal connection to the school’s Catholic mission. Peri is ready to take on her position, and knows the school community is ready for her: “ I feel very welcome here, I’m happy.”