Timed News Article

Who: Four Teenagers, Principal Black, Sergeant Fisher, Mary Kim
What: a bombing and arrests
Where: Tembrooke High School
When: Feb 1st/Feb 3rd
Why: Arrested due to bombing suspicion
How: Forensics team/investigators assessed the crime scene and found evidence to arrest them

On Friday, February 3rd, the Central City Police arrested four male teenagers as suspects to the Tembrooke Bombing and charged them with possessing, making, transporting, and igniting explosives.
The bomb detonated at four p.m. on Wednesday, February 1st, marking the first bomb explosion in the district. At the time of the detonation, the bomb’s section of the building was deserted, so no students, faculty, or staff were injured, including Mary Kim, a junior of Tembrooke who was around the area of the school at the time of the detonation.
However, the bombing caused significant damage, blowing out a bank of lockers at the end of the social studies wing. No classrooms were damaged, but the detonation blew pieces of the lockers into the teacher’s lounge, causing an estimated cost of $125,000 in damages.
The suspects in question are one Tembrooke sophomore, one Tembrooke graduate, and two students from other Central City district schools. As of right now, the boys have been released into their parent’s custody as they await further punishment.
“If they are found guilty, their parents will have to pay for the damage done to the school, and I am sure they will be expelled,” Tembrooke High School Principal Belinda Black said. The Tembrooke sophomore has already been suspended.
After the detonation, the campus was sealed off for two hours. Sergeant Jane Fisher of the Central City Police Department led the investigation on this case, and she believes the bombing was intentional.
“The boys apparently didn’t realize that there would be remnants left from the bomb blast that could be identified,” Fisher said. A pipe shop recognized a piece of pipe around the debris and a local chemistry supply shop identified the powder used and the buyer, which has significantly contributed to the investigation and arrest of the four teenagers.
Further punishment may await them in court as Fisher confirmed that a court date was set. “The boys will appear in front of Superior Court Judge Sam Drysdale or one of his appointed assistants,” she said.