Timed news article Kate Kelly

Kate Kelly
Timed news article

4 male teenagers
One sophomore at Tembroke High School
One graduate
Two other kids from center city school district
Sergeant Jane Fisher is the investigator
Belinda Black is the principal
No injuries, Mary Kim passed by earlier but left in time
First bomb explosion in school district
Caused estimated $125,000 in damages
Boys charged with possessing, making, transporting, and igniting explosives
In parental custody until trial
Bomb detonated at 4 PM on Wednesday, Feb 1
Boys arrested on Friday, Feb 3
Campus sealed for 2 hours
Tembroke High School
Group of lockers in social studies wing destroyed
Neighboring rooms not damaged, but pieces found in teacher’s lounge next to lockers
“The bomb appears to have been detonated intentionally rather than accidentally exploded.” -Fisher
Local pipe shop found pipe
Local chemistry supply shop identified the powder and purchaser
Boys suspected to have made the explosion

Growing Investigation of Tembroke High School Bombing
Four male teenagers are suspected of orchestrating the bombing of a group of lockers at Tembroke High School on Wednesday, February 1 and now face an upcoming trial.

At 4 PM on Wednesday afternoon, a bomb detonated in the social studies wing of the school, destroying numerous lockers and scattering debris to neighboring rooms. No people were injured, but the damages of the building are estimated to be $125,000.

The culprits consist of one current Tembroke sophomore, one Tembroke graduate, and two students from other Central City District Schools.

Sergeant Jane Fisher of the Central City Police Department took the reins on this investigation. Additionally, a local chemistry supply shop helped identify the powder used in the bomb and purchaser of the ingredient.

According to the investigation, the bombing is suspected to have been intentional. “If they are found guilty, their parents will have to pay for the damage done to the school, and I’m sure they will be expelled,” said Tembroke High School Principal Belinda Black.

The boys will also face legal consequences if they are found guilty of this crime. On Friday, February 3, the group was arrested.

The boys were charged with possessing, making, transporting, and igniting explosives. “The trial date has been set and the boys will appear before Superior Court Judge Sam Drysdale or one of his appointed assistants,” said Fisher.

The boys are now in their parent’s custody as they await the trial and next steps of this ongoing story.