“Have Some Love” awakens a sense of community.

“Have Some Love” awakens a sense of community.

Awaken into this deep dive on Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, and his catchy track “Have Some Love”

Have a word for your brother

Have some time for one another

Really love one another

It’s so hard to find

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Have a word for your brother

Have some time for one another

Really love one another

Album Cover for Awaken,My Love! The model's name is Giannina Oteto
The Album Cover for Awaken, My Love! features a photo by New York City-based creative director Ibra Ake. The model on the front is named Giannina Oteto. She wore a beaded headdress made by Laura Wass of WXYZ Jewelry.

It’s so hard to find-lyrics provided by lyric genius

Upon looking into these lyrics, I stumbled upon a school-appropriate track by Childish Gambino. I want to share my findings with you. 

You may know Donald Glover from his acting career but today we will be talking about his alter ego “Childish Gambino” he uses this alias to publish his music.

The lines above are the opening verses of the second track from the 2016 sensation “Awaken, My Love.” This album represents a significant departure from Gambino’s previous ventures, such as the genre-blending STN/MTN mixtape and Kauai album as well as his rap albums, which all together garnered him twelve Grammy nominations and five wins. 

In “Have Some Love” Gambino spreads hope and urges his audience to spread love and positivity in a world fraught with hostility. Initially, this shift in tone from his usually more adult subject matter may appear abrupt, but upon immersing oneself in the entire album, the rationale becomes clear.

 It serves as a homage to the R&B legends who paved the way before him, particularly Funkadelic’s album “Maggot Brain”, specifically the tracks “Can You Get to That” and “Super Stupid”. “Have Some Love” and the predecessors it calls back to all share a fun, psychedelic vibe, blending elements of funk, soul, and R&B. The cover art of “Awaken, My Love!” is a direct yet loose call-back to the “Maggot Brain” album art. 

Across the album he references many artists including George Clinton, Jimi Hendrix, OutKast and more.  These references further enrich the album’s overall feel, underscoring Gambino’s versatility as an artist. 

Album Cover For Maggot Brain. The Model on the front is Barbara Cheeseborough
Album Cover For Maggot Brain. The cover photo depicts a screaming black woman’s head coming out of the earth; it was photographed by Joel Brodsky and features model Barbara Cheeseborough.
George Clinton & Parlament-Funkadelic Photo By William Thoren
George Clinton & Parlament-Funkadelic (abbreviated p-funk) Photo By William Thoren Parliament-Funkadelic stands tall as an iconic American music collective. From the swinging ’60s onwards, this dynamic group has been rocking stages With Parliament and Funkadelic at its core, the ensemble hosts many talented musicians, each adding their unique flair to the mix. Their music transcends boundaries, blending psychedelia with funky rhythms, all wrapped up in outlandish fashion and a good bit of surreal humor. P-Funk’s impact on the gerne still echos on today.

If the name George Clinton sounds familiar, that’s because he is known for his time with Parliament Funkadelic and he created  “Atomic Dog”Younger audiences however may know him from his recent feature in the newest “Trolls” movie. 

 “Awaken, My Love!” Produced by Gambino himself alongside Ludwig Göransson, a revered figure in the music industry, who many consider a genius in his own right.

Gambino’s music has been described as when R&B meets Pink Floyd, while others have noted its blend of rock, funk, and soul.

Both are pictured to the left.

Despite his investigation into new styles across the whole “Awaken, My Love!” album he calls back to his debut album “CAMP.” 

“Have Some Love” is both a call to resist adversity and an exploration of instrumentation. 

In contrast to Gambino’s earlier hip-hop and R&B-influenced work, this track features horns, percussion, and a choir, lending it a more organic sound. This departure showcases Gambino’s willingness to explore new territories while maintaining thematic continuity with his earlier releases

Throughout his career, Gambino has consistently explored themes of power, resistance, and unity, as exemplified by tracks like “That Power” from his debut album “Camp” or of course his evocative. “This is America.” He calls back to this theme directly with the lyrics You got the power, you got the power Of every hour, of every hour…” 

Although he has previously released several mix tapes “Camp.” was his first official album it was released on November 15, 2011, by   Records which produced all his music from then on.  

Childish Gambino and Ludwig Göransson at 60th annual Grammy Awards
Childish Gambino and Ludwig Göransson at an awards show together. Gambino and Göransson were friends for a while before they began making music together This is them at the 60th annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

These lyrics are also a call to his community.

In the face of societal oppression and social ills, the only way any change comes about is through coming together as a collective. In a system where the people in charge want to divide and conquer togetherness is our most powerful weapon.

Overall the track exudes a newfound groove that encourages listeners to embrace love and compassion despite the challenges they face.

In summary, “Awaken, My Love!” is replete with profound themes of resilience and togetherness, with “Have Some Love” serving as a poignant reflection of these underlying motifs.

Its contagious groove, coupled with its thematic depth, cements its status as a standout track on an album brimming with standout moments. 

Despite its merits, it remains puzzling why this masterpiece fell short of winning Album of the Year.


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