The student generated news site of Mount Saint Joseph Academy

The Campanile

The student generated news site of Mount Saint Joseph Academy

The Campanile

The student generated news site of Mount Saint Joseph Academy

The Campanile

Georgie Ford 24 and Emily Birmingham 24, Editors of The Muse, Mounts literary magazine, offer a spread of past issues for students to view. 
The Muse accepts student photography, poetry, short stories and art for their annual publication.

Club fair proves to be a huge success

Sine Thompson, Staff Writer September 20, 2022
Several new clubs were also introduced this year, such as Cheerleading Club and Autism Awareness Club.
Hannah Schaefer ‘23 works on The Campanile. It is one of her favorite co-curricular activities.

Students see benefits to private schools

Laine Giovanniello, Staff Writer June 10, 2022
“At Mount, I feel like we place our focus, first and foremost, on how we can support and uplift our students-- as a public school teacher I didn’t always get to do that.”
The junior class gathers for a group picture at ring mass in the gym.

A look back on junior ring mass

Ciara Fall, Senior Associative Editor May 24, 2022
Hannah Schaefer ‘23  said, “My ring from junior ring mass symbolizes a connection to my peers and a connection to my aunt who graduated from the Mount.” 
As graduation approaches, the class of 2022 has to consider the effects the ongoing pandemic will have on their freshman year.

Worst Admissions Year Ever? The 2021-22 College Admission Cycle

Liz Dolich, Staff Writer May 17, 2022
“Don’t internalize disappointing news from a college as failure,” Leah Scott ‘22 said, “but take it as a sign that a better school for you is out there waiting for you to say yes.”
West Philadelphia native, Will Smiths recent biography shown in vibrant color.

Mounties react to Will Smith’s outburst

Madeline Norton, Staff Writer May 10, 2022
“I think Will Smith displayed crazed behavior,” said Anne Marie Wallace ‘22.
Mounties peruse the racks in search of their new favorite clothing item.

Mounties build a new closet: fast fashion free

Katie Bakely '23, Staff Writer May 3, 2022
“I also got a little green dress that I have already worn twice so far!” Katie McGovern ‘22 said.
The shamrock shake, created in 1967, sold only in Connecticut until its national debut in 1970.

A taste of magic

Gianna Piroso, Junior Associate Editor March 17, 2022
“....this year, I’m having a competition with myself to see how many Shamrock Shakes I can eat in a month,” Gray Fullmer ‘24 said.
Grace Strange, Grace Araya, Alanna Casciato, and Guilianna Sorrentino take time to play with Granger.

Friends Fur Life visits local animal shelter

Georgia Bartolo '25, Staff Writer March 15, 2022

Meredith Taylor ‘22 lies horizontally on her black Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Beep, beep, what’s with all the Jeeps?

Bella Feliciano, Staff Writer March 15, 2022
“I saw it in one of the car lots in my local dealership and it was front and center and I was like, ‘mother look at this’ and she was actually in awe too, so she got it for me,” Kat Zampirri ‘23 said. 
Student enter Fontbonne on the morning of 2/22/22 to see brand new furniture.

New furniture, who dis?

Veronica Cherico '23 and Mary Kate Duffy '22 March 11, 2022
“ looks nice, all the furniture in here, but it was a little bit of a surprise to have it sprung on, midway through the year, when everybody knows where they’re sitting already” Jane Desmond ‘22 said.
Protestors wearing shirts and signs that express their views.

Texas abortion law stirs national controversy

Sydney Okeke, Senior Associative Editor September 28, 2021
This controversial ruling has been considered an attack on reproductive rights, while pro-life activists are considering this a crucial victory.
Ida leaves crew team in a bind

Ida leaves crew team in a bind

Taylor Conklin, Staff Writer September 17, 2021
“It’s gonna take a long time until things are back in their place again,” said rower Kate Kelly ‘22.
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