Love triangle drives song to the top of the charts

Get the tea behind Olivia Rodrigo’s the debut single “drivers license”.


Grace Yaegel

On a gold Mount soft space chair, an iPad sits ready to play “driver’s license” on Spotify.

Ella Valencia, Features Section Editor

Olivia Rodrigo, the seventeen year-old who released the hit song “All I Want” last January, released her hit debut single “drivers license” over a month ago.

The song continues to hold its No. 1 spot on many popular global song charts, making Rodrigo the first Asian-American woman to hold that spot.

“As soon as I first heard the chorus I knew that ‘driver’s license’ was going to be such a popular song, and it turned out to be just that,” said Claire Hanycz ‘21. One may wonder: Why are so many people, Mounties included, obsessed with it?

For one, Rodrigo has a beautiful voice and her breakup story can relate to many. On the other hand, many people are trying to solve the mystery of who the song is about.

Buzzfeed notes that many theories include Rodrigo’s rumored relationship with her “High School Musical: The Musical” co-star Joshua Bassett. Fans noticed their chemistry in interviews and social media posts, but Bassett was spotted hanging out with Sabrina Carpenter, which sparked rumors that they were dating.

Rodrigo’s song mentions a “blonde girl” who fans speculate is Carpenter. Bassett and Carpenter have also released songs recently that are rumored to be about the love triangle.

Unfortunately for these theorists, Bassett’s song has nothing to do with Rodrigo’s hit single. He performed a demo of his song on Instagram in November 2019, which was long before his alleged relationship with her.

On the other hand, many believe that Carpenter’s single “Skin” is a diss track on Rodrigo, specifically because of the line stating, “maybe ‘blonde’ was the only rhyme.” Carpenter disputes allegations that the song is about Rodrigo.

“Even though I didn’t know too much about the drama between the three singers before ‘drivers license’ came out, as soon as I heard the song, I was so interested in who the lyrics were directed towards. It was so interesting to see Olivia, Sabrina, and Josh’s song all come out within a few weeks,” said Hanycz.

Fans of the three singers have taken sides and fought with each other on social media. The song took over Tik Tok as people described their conspiracy theories of what they thought the song was about and even created new lyrics from the perspective of the boy, the blonde, and even the car. Furthermore, many assume that the whole thing was a publicity stunt!

While speaking with Billboard, Rodrigo stated that the story behind the song is not really that important. What truly matters is how the song is able to connect with people on an emotional level.

So, for now, the rumors remain rumors, and Rodrigo’s “drivers license” remains the No. 1 song.