Adam Sandler films in the Philadelphia area

Mount’s reporters try to track down Hollywood star, Adam Sandler, as he films his new movie in the Philly area.


Luci Fiorini

Monday, September 13th—This image shows only a portion of Saint Basil’s crowded parking lot.

Luci Fiorini, Staff Writer

Movie trailers pulled into the parking lot of the building that was once known as Saint Basil Academy on the night of Friday, September 10th. What used to be a Ukrainian Catholic all-girls school was temporarily turned into a movie set camp for Adam Sandler’s new Netflix movie, Hustle.


Sandler will star alongside other big names such as Queen Latifah, Ben Foster and Robert Duvall, according to IMDb, and Lebron James is credited as a producer.


From September 10th to the 16th, trucks, trailers and police cars lined Fox Chase Road right between Manor College and the former Saint Basil’s, slowing down traffic and giving drivers just enough time to question “What is going on?”


Not only was the Saint Basil’s parking lot jam-packed with trailers and cars, but the school’s doors were open as well, so the crew could use its facilities.


Campanile staff writers visited the Saint Basil’s parking lot during the movie crew’s stay, entering through secret backstreets to get into the parking lot, and walking through the maze of trailers for photos. The staff scoured the internet for any information on the movie, and even dm-ed Mr. Sandler on Instagram to try and get an interview. 


On Sandler’s birthday, September 9th, he posted a video on his Instagram of students from LaSalle University singing “Happy Birthday” to him as he filmed around their campus. Later, the movie moved location to Manayunk, which raised a lot of excitement for the residents and some parking concerns as well. 


The crew shot scenes on the Germantown Academy campus, although Sandler was not there himself. According to an email that was distributed to the Germantown Academy community, filming took place in the “Big Gym, Field House, and McLean Hall Playground blacktop.” 


Filming closed off locations around Market Street to traffic. Crowds gathered around the Comcast Building, trying to get a glimpse of any big name movie stars.