Red October Run

The city rallies behind the Phillies as they go into the World Series


Annie Gleba ‘24

Sunset at Phillies game over Citizens Bank Park during summer of 2022

Annie Gleba, Co-Editor in Chief

For the first time in eleven years, the Philadelphia Phillies have made it to the World Series. 

At the beginning of the season, things started out slowly, with a win rate of.319 before the all-star break and the firing of the manager, Joe Girardi, halfway through the season.

However, the team began to turn things around with the Phillies’ intermediate manager, Rob Thompson took over the managing team, and showed the city that he has a winning team. The fans are so happy with his performance they now call him “Philly Rob.” 

The Phillies ended the season with a record of 87-75, defying all expectations in the process. The team punched a ticket to the World Series after Bryce Harper hit a game winning home run in the fifth game of the NLCS. 

Soon after, Harper, was awarded the MVP of the series and is currently determined to bring the Phils to a World Series after signing with the team in 2019.

It was predicted that the Phillies were going to be the first team out of the playoffs, as they barely clinched a spot as a wild card seed, but they have now proved many people wrong. 

Commenting on the starting line up, “I saw that they are starting Aaron Nola in the first game [of the World Series] so I’m not too happy about that; I think that they should start Wheeler. It’s gonna be a tough game,” Sabrina Borzi ‘24 said.

Philadelphia is a passionate city that cares for all their teams, wishing to see them prove victorious. In fact, fans who live in the city said that they could hear the cheers from over two miles away from the stadium.

“My grandfather has been a die-hard Phillies fan his entire life… He lives alone, so he focuses a lot on the Phillies… and he’s over-the-top with joy right now,” Olivia Donato ‘24 said. 

The fans care so much for the players that they rallied together for Wawa to have “SchwarberFest” in recognition of the Phillies left fielder, Kyle Schwarber. This is a promotional event that stems from “Hoagiefest.” Currently Schwarber has hit 3 home runs in the 4 games that have taken place over “SchwarberFest.” 

 After the Phillies won the NLCS, the streets flooded with elated fans. People were even climbing traffic poles, a tradition that started when the Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl in 2018. 

 “It seems that the whole city is hype about it and it’s such a way to unite us,” Ella Williams ‘25 said.

 Tickets for the games at Citizens Bank Park are now costing, on average, around $1,500. Compared to the Astros home tickets at Minute Maid Field of $500, the demand for a World Series Phillies ticket is much more astounding. This has driven tickets to a historic prices for the MLB postseason.

Lastly, the Phillies unofficial theme song for this playoff run is “Dancing on my Own,” a Tiesto remix by Callum Scott. Kyle Schwarber has recently brought the song over from his previous team the Boston Red Socks, and added it to the Phillies playlist. This song has stuck with the Phils ever since, as it perfectly describes them as the underdog team that everyone had counted out. The song plays in Rittenhouse Square twice a day at 12:30pm and 5:30pm.

 Let’s go Phillies!