Everyone needs a Charlie in their life

In this profile of Charlie Wyke, we learn about her life outside of the Mount.


Gianna Piroso

Charlie as a freshman having a little fun finding simple machines for her physics project.

Charlie: the friend, the weird conversation starter, the ambassador of positive vibes that cannot be locked away. 

If you’re a student at the Mount you most likely know who I’m talking about. Yes, Charlie Wyke. (Once and for all, it sounds like bike but with a W.)

She’s an involved member of the Mount community who you can find switching from volleyball player, to ASL (American Sign Language) club leader, to robotics’ builder. 

Some of you might be curious about what she does outside of the school, well – she helps out around her family farm. From driving tractors to petting goats, Charlie spends a portion of her time helping out. She even currently has her own little side business delivering eggs to her fellow neighbors. 

The closest thing she has to a pet is her darling goats. Though they’re not used for

A cheerful group photo with Charlie Wyke’s volleyball club team, Crosscourt, takes another win.

production purposes, they are wonderful at getting rid of poison ivy that grows on the property. If you’re curious, just ask her why goats can eat poison ivy without an ounce of discomfort — just make sure you’re ready for a mini biology lesson on enzymes.

Don’t be afraid to ask her about her prized pigs or terrific turkeys. You’ll have a great time chatting it up with this “walking sunshine” as fellow classmate Sine Thompson ‘24 likes to put it. 


Charlie having a nice chat on the farm while feeding the pigs.



At first you might find yourself eating lunch by yourself. Next thing you know, you’re sitting on the floor in the hallway chatting up a storm about how your day is going before learning the two different types of chickens on the farm.

All in all, as Gianna Scotto, 24’ best puts it,  “You won’t know you need a Charlie in your life until you’ve met Charlie.”