Die Hard: A Christmas Classic

Are you for or against “Die Hard” being considered a Christmas movie?


Maddie Norton

Maddie Norton ‘24 watches the film “Die Hard” to get into the Christmas spirit.

Madeline Norton, Co-Editor in Chief

Imagine: You’re snuggled up in a blanket by the crackling fire, maybe with a mug of hot chocolate, in a dark room lit up by the lights on your Christmas tree. The ambiance is almost perfect, except you’re staring at the empty TV screen in front of you. Luckily, you know just the movie to complete this festive setting: “Die Hard”.

Considering “Die Hard” a Christmas movie is a controversial topic. Some think that its festive theme is significant enough to make the movie a Christmas movie overall, while others think that a rated R action movie has no place under the Christmas genre.

One of the main things I ask people who agree with the second idea is “Would it feel strange watching ‘Die Hard’ during any time of the year other than Christmas?”

If this question wasn’t enough to change your mind, (or if you’re my mom) then keep on reading!

The majority of “Die Hard” takes place on Christmas Eve, and the protagonist, John McClane returns from his job as a policeman in New York City to his family in Los Angeles. He attends a Christmas party for the company his wife works for, even though the relationship between him and his wife is quite aloof. By the end of the movie however, they mended their relationship.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Someone with a busy job and a complicated love life comes home for Christmas, and after a series of events they manage to have or repair their romantic relationship?

If this isn’t ringing a bell, do me a favor and watch any Hallmark movie.

Another common theme “Die Hard” shares with other Christmas movies is having a “Christmas miracle” occur.

Just like how Tiny Tim’s fatal illness disappeared, and the “Polar Express” kid’s lost bell ends up under the Christmas tree, John McClane single-handedly saves his wife and her co-workers from a group of terrorists.

So, now that I’ve made all these points, you should be able to understand why I feel this way, and the next time you need a movie to get you into the Christmas spirit, you’ll consider “Die Hard”.