Pandemic pets provide emotional support

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Tracey Murray, Staff Writer

Way back in March of 2020 when full quarantine was in effect, and even still to this day, many people felt, and still feel, extremely lonely and stressed out. Pets were next in line as a great companion and best friend because many people could not turn to anyone.

Dogs and cats are amazing companions during this difficult time. Many animal lovers agree that their pets enjoyed quarantine because they were able to spend more time with their owners.

“He loved quarantine… He’s really friendly and he always likes going on walks and laying in bed with me,” said Alexandra Weeks ‘21.

Not only did pets take advantage of spending time with their owners, they also were there for their owners when they needed them most, as some people felt sad, lonely, or stressed during this pandemic.

“…I was really stressed out right before we got them, but now that I have them it has let me focus on something else other than school,” said Ali Ianieri ‘22, the owner of two kittens.

Additionally, Avery Massanova ‘22  said her new dog, Manchego is,  “…very sweet and loves to cuddle so that helps me calm down.”

The high numbers of pet adoptions during the pandemic have been extremely heartwarming, especially considering that animal shelters have struggled with this issue for years.

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