Phillies: going, going, gone

Students and faculty have some thoughts on the Phillies’ World Series fiasco.


Lilly Bradfield

A stunning shot of the Phillies’ stadium shows the crowd during a tense game.

Sine Thompson, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Two weeks ago, the Phillies graduated to the World Series games against the Astros, cementing their authority as a strong wild card team.

This year the Phils have been surprising everyone with their sudden rise in wins and high-level players, most notably Bryce Harper, the veritable star home-run hitter of the team. When asked what his favorite player was, Sister Mary Butler, an AP Calc teacher  at the Mount, described her reasoning for her choice of Harper.

“…I think what I admire about him is that he never gives up and he is a student of the game, so it’s not just that he’s in it for the money. He really loves baseball,” she said.

Other strong players include Kyle Schwarber, Alec Bohm, and Jean Segura, all of whom are notable for strong offensive and defensive abilities.

Mr. Naydan, another Math teacher at the Mount, compared the influx of fans to the new fans that rock band Metallica gained after the airing of an episode of the popular show Stranger Things, saying that both were good for exposure and that new fans, bandwagon or not, are good for morale.

The excitement was in the air all week, during which time the Phillies played against the Astros, toggling back and forth between wins and losses, and keeping everyone on the edge of their seat until the very last game on Thursday, November 3rd.

With a strong starting lineup and a lead off home run from Kyle Schwarber, the Phillies were ready to take on the Astros in their hometown of Houston, but ultimately the Astros won 3-2.

The disappointment the next day was palpable. Everyone was quiet, and the tension that had been building up from the very beginning had dissipated and soured in the aftermath of such a huge loss.

Saanai Jones ‘24 expressed her disappointment with a few remarks.

“I was like… when it counts the most you mess it up, like what the heck?” she said furiously, echoing the sentiments of many students and faculty at the Mount.

However, there is still hope in the future. When asked what she thought the Phillies could improve on for next year, Jones replied, “Discussion about certain plays they’re going to perform, and their teamwork overall.”

This season the Phillies managed to make it much further than anyone anticipated and were a strong team up until the last few games, but ultimately they still have much to learn and work on for next year. Go Phillies!