Magical Ms. Kaminski

In this profile, Addie Doxtader discusses Ms. Kaminski’s extraordinary experiences and gentle compassion.


Ms. Kaminski standing in front of Cinderella’s castle at the start of her internship at Walt Disney World.

Addie Doxtader, Staff Writer

Ms. Kaminski, a new counselor at the Mount, went to high school at Saint Basil Academy and attended Saint Joseph University. She was a history major, but was unsure of the job she would receive outside of college. However, she made connections and received the opportunity to work at Disney.

“Like what any responsible 22 year old would do, I went to work at Disney in the college program,” Ms. Kaminski said.

She spoke in depth of a story about a young boy she met while working at Disney. This young boy was autistic and wanted a Cars toy to take home. His mom was committed to finding him this toy to give him the best experience. However, this toy was not in numerous stores, so he could not receive the toy at that time. After hours of determination, Ms. Kaminiski found this little boy a close replica of the Cars toy and had it dropped off at the hotel the boy was staying at, so that he could have the toy before he left. Moments like these are what makes Disney special.

She worked in all-girl education for a couple of years, which led her to come to Mount.

“I am really passionate about an all-girls’ education,” Ms. Kaminiski said.

She expressed her eagerness and readiness to work with her students and get to know them personally.

When there was a position at Mount, she immediately knew that she could potentially work at an all-girls school and in the admissions department. In her interview, she said she was very lucky to have received this job opportunity in both aspects of her desired career.

“This is kind of a dream job,” Ms. Kaminski said.

At the Mount she enjoys the college credit course that she teaches. She highly enjoys having conversations with the young women at the Mount, which makes it easy to build partnerships.

“You never really know what someone is going through, and just getting to know someone can go a long way,” Ms. Kaminski said.

She looks forward to Charity Day and the sisterhood and compassion that is shared at the Mount. She heard of these traditions at her high school, and is excited to participate in these fun activities that celebrate the Mount’s history.

Her hobbies include Barre3 classes, writing poetry, and nonfiction. When asked about her childhood, she shares that her grandparents had a camper in upper-state Pennsylvania, in which her family travels to every year in their new trailers. She says this tradition has been in the family for 50 years, and enjoys the core memories she made there. Excitement arose when she discussed the newer generation of her family gaining the opportunity to participate in the same memories that she carried out as a younger girl.