Which tight brand is the best?

We asked Mounties what tights they like the best!


Violet Binczewski

Niamh Regan ‘26, Kelly McDonald ‘26, Michaela Ianieri’26 proudly wear their Mount tights

Violet Binczewski, Junior Features Editor

It is no secret that tights are a huge part of a Mountie’s uniform. Whether you read about avoiding rips in Mount’s Thursday Update or wear them everyday, tights are a significant facet of daily life at the Mount. 

However, trying to find the perfect pair of tights can be challenging. With a wide variety of brands to choose from, finding a comfortable pair, and trying not to rip them can make shopping feel more like a goose-chase.

That’s why we have gotten reviews on all kinds of brands from none other than those who wear them more than anyone: Mounties! So good news, your perfect pair of tights is just a few paragraphs away!

When looking for a good pair of tights, it is paramount that you find a pair that is comfortable. Other important factors are the tights’ durability and price. 

After interviewing Mounties, it became clear that there were two major brands of tights that Mounties wear: Flynn & O’Hara and Hue tights. 

Hue tights are dark navy blue and are about 90% nylon. They are about twenty dollars on Amazon and Hue.com. While the tights are more comfortable than Flynn & O’Hara tights, they are significantly more expensive than other brands. Why are they so expensive? While they may cost more than Flynn and O’Hara, they are extremely soft and high quality. Not to mention that they are a best selling product. However, caring for them is an extremely delicate process as they have to be hand washed. Along with the delicate maintenance of Hue tights, the tights themselves are extremely fragile, tearing very easily. Ramsey Tabor ‘25 has been wearing Hue tights for most of her Mount career. 

“They’re much more comfortable [than Flynn & O’Hara tights], they fit nicely, but like any tights, they break very easily. I had one pair that I had washed, and hadn’t even worn them yet, and they had a tear in them on the first day I wore them,” Tabor said.

While Hue tights definitely have their cons, they have many pros too.

Many of the Mounties who were interviewed pointed out that they loved Hue tights because they fit much better around their legs than other brands. Hue tights may be perfect for you if you want a pair of stretchy, comfortable tights, but remember to be gentle so they won’t tear.

Flynn & O’Hara is the central store where Mounties can find their uniform. In addition to skirts and polos, many Mounties also buy their tights there. Flynn & O’Hara tights cost about ten dollars. They are made of mostly nylon and are easier to maintain than Hue tights. However, many Mounties complained that the tights were too itchy, or hung too low on their frame. Many students also highlighted that Flynn and O’Hara tights did not rip as easily, which is a prime factor in buying any pair of tights.

Maddy Doyle ‘23 has been wearing tights for four years now, so she has plenty of experience with different brands. She recommended Flynn and O’Hara because they do not tear, last for long periods of time, and are comfortable. 

“I prefer the Flynn & O’Hara tights because I think they’re the comfiest…I’ve had two pairs of tights that I’ve been circling through since we started wearing them in October. They don’t get rips, and even if they do, it is usually because I ran into something so I ripped them myself,” said Doyle.

“I prefer the Flynn and O’Hara ones because they are thin enough where they’re not going to rip but also thick enough. They also fit me better because I am tall. They don’t rip as much,” said Olivia Duffy ‘25.

Gabriella Balaratna ‘26 also noted that having Flynn & O’Hara tights is a huge part of the Mount experience. Balaratna’s sisters attended the Mount before her and wore Flynn & O’Hara tights.

“They lasted [my sisters] forever,” Balaratna said.

While a majority of Mounties wear Hue or Flynn & O’Hara tights, other students wear smaller brands from Amazon or Target. However, buying online can be a risky business, like a wild card. 

“There was another brand that I got off of Amazon and they were nice too, but they had a weird film on them,” said Doyle.

However, some students have found their perfect pair of tights in the most random of places. 

“A good chunk of the year I’ve just been wearing whatever type of tights I could find in my house, and then when they rip, I find another one,” said Hannah Schaefer ‘23. 

The key to finding the right pair of tights comes down to trial and error. No matter what brand of tights you wear, it is important that they work for you and your priorities. Whether you want comfortable tights, durable tights, or tights that you just feel good in, it is all a matter of preference. If you are a freshman or a senior, finding the right pair of tights can make the biggest difference.