Charlie Bates: honoring tradition

A look into Mr. Charlie Bates, Mount’s new campus minister.

Katie Bakley and Gianna Scotto

Mr. Charlie Bates has recently taken over as Mount’s campus minister. 

Mr. Bates previously worked at St. Norwood Parish in Paoli where he organized liturgies and oversaw volunteering, however he is excited for his new beginning as campus minister. Specifically, Mr. Bates is looking forward to getting to know students and learning what the Mount needs in terms of campus ministry. 

An outstanding aspect of campus ministry at the Mount is senior retreats. This year the first senior retreat departs December 1st so senior retreat leaders have been working alongside Mr. Bates to prepare for the weekend. 

“There is a really beautiful and rich tradition of campus ministry here, particularly with retreats so I am really looking forward to continuing that and really helping student leaders to make those retreats happen in a beautiful and meaningful way,” Mr. Bates said.  

Senior retreat leader Gianna Aregnano appreciates Mr Bates enthusiasm and dedication to planning the retreat stating, “He is really excited to be here and I have enjoyed introducing him to campus ministry here at the Mount”. 

So far Mr. Bates has enjoyed Founders day and learning about the deep legacy upon which the Mount is based. The story of the Sisters of Saint Joseph inspires him, “It is really a story of their courage and devotion”. Mr. Bates appreciates Mount tradition finds beauty in the mission. He appreciates, “the way that God is portrayed as a loving God and a God who unites us and helps us reconcile with each other”. 

Looking ahead, Mr. Bates hopes to bring new service opportunities to the Mount. “We are also looking to expand service opportunities that allow students to reflect on their own identities and their own call to serve the dear neighbor.” 

Editing Contributor: Gianna Scotto