Why did you choose to attend Mount?

Mounties share the factor that pulled them into this Sisterhood.


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Zoey Gambone, Staff writer

Every Mountie has their reasons for choosing this path. Some chose it for the academics and others chose it for the “all girls” aspect. I asked fellow Mounties why they chose The Mount and this is some insight for what they chose.





“I am a legacy,” Amy Perkins ’24 said.







“When Mount  representatives came  to my school they told us  how it was and I liked the academics and the idea of sisterhood,” Gianna Piroso ‘24 said.









“I came from a pretty good public school, but Mount had a better 504 plan and better accommodations for my ADHD,” Gray Fullmer ‘24 said.


“I wanted a better education, and I did not want to attend public school,” Emma Meng ‘26 said.



“I wanted to go to school with my sister, the academics are good and I love the crew team,” Stella Bratfield ‘26 said.







“I didn’t like public school and I was looking for an alternative,” Mila Spisic ‘26 said.






“My mom went to Saint Basils and she always said that she wanted a Catholic school environment for me. I went to

public school for my whole life, but I shadowed The Mount an Gwynedd and really felt the community at Mount and that I was very welcomed,” Caroline Schellinger ‘25 said.




“It was the closest school available and it seemed like a good idea because we were Catholic. We thought I would know more people,” Georgia Bartolo ‘25 said.