Taylor Swift unites the Philadelphia area

Mounties gathered at the Linc to express their love for Taylor.


Mia Dillon

Fire lights up the Linc as Taylor sings “Bad Blood” a song about having beef with another female singer.

Ellie Fazio, Staff Writer

Swifties across the tri-state area came together this past weekend at the Lincoln Financial Field to worship Taylor Swift and her music across a three day concert extravaganza.

Ava Vavra ’24 felt that the experience was nearly religious—a sentiment heard from many Mounties comparing their love of the musician to religious ferver.  Mia Dillon’26 and Gillian Holt ’26 agreed with this sentiment, confirming that the unity and devotion Swifties feel as a result of her music is a lifestyle.

Getting tickets was nearly impossible for most fans so many decided to spend this past weekend outside of the stadium. Each night of the concert, the number of fans listening outside of the Linc, multiplied.

Vavra also said that you could “hear everything” from outside and “it was like experiencing without seeing it.”

Lily Carlino, class of 26, confirms that the numbers of fans were so high that it took hours to even get out of the parking lot post-concert.

Known for her devoted performances, Taylor stopped an incident between a security guard and a fan who was dancing in the aisle. Amazingly, she was able to stand up for her fan without stopping her show.

“There was a lot of commotion, but she never missed a beat,” Grace Meehan ‘26 said.