Amphetamine misuse on the rise

In this piece, science section editor, Michelle John, addresses growing concerns surround amphetamines use in school students.

Michelle John, Science Section Editor

Amphetamines have been the go-to drug for anyone looking for an extra boost for a long time now. These drugs are used to treat ADHD and other similar disorders, but many have been using them to increase their focus and energy levels throughout their daily lives.

However, not many people know about the negative effects of these drugs, and how it has become a growing concern for high school students. With their increasing use, it has now become a nationwide problem that needs to be addressed.

For people working long hours or studying, amphetamines can seem like a good idea for students seeking to stay alert and hyper focused, even though they may not understand the long term side effects such drugs entail.

Almost over 3.7 million kids aged 3-17 currently use some form of amphetamines such as Adderall, even though the DEA tries to regulate the production of amphetamines.

In addition, misuse of amphetamines is particularly concerning for student athletes, as managing academics and sports life can be very tasking and demanding. Many use amphetamines in order to help them in balancing these two lives, but do not realize the true harm that it carries.

To prevent the further misuse of these drugs, it is important that we educate students on the dangers of amphetamines, how to properly seek help, but most importantly how to correctly manage stress.