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Kaelyn McFadden ‘25 photographs Sofia Glantz ‘25 choosing between the 3 Target Exclusive vinyls
Old Habits Die Screaming
Sofia Glantz, Staff Writer • April 17, 2024

Every time I have logged on to Twitter over the past month, I have felt angry, because every single time, I have seen a new Taylor Swift vinyl,...

Isabella Cooper ‘25 thanks the Thomas Jefferson representative for his time.
Juniors interview in preparation for college
Sienna Noh, Staff Writer • April 16, 2024

The Mount held its annual Junior Interview Day last Thursday, April 11, for the Class of 2025. Students were given the opportunity to meet...

From left to right: Mr. Guy Petrucci, Tristan Fenimore and Sister Charlene looking at new windows in hallway that coincide with all of the large windows throughout Mount.
Connecting corridor unites building
Annie Gleba, Co-Editor in Chief • April 12, 2024

Some much anticipated construction is almost complete at the Mount. This addition will act as a connecting corridor and collaborative space which...

Yonely Lopez, everyones favorite maintenance colleague
Home Economics Tips
March 13, 2024
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What is the Brotherly Shove and why did are there talks of banning the play?

With a 93% success rate for the Eagles and the potential for injury, it’s a topic worth exploring. 
Photo credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In recent NFL seasons, the Philadelphia Eagles have gained a reputation for their success with a unique offensive play known as the “Tush Push” or “Brotherly Shove.” This play has raised questions about its safety, and whether it should be allowed in the league. With a 93% success rate for the Eagles and the potential for injury, it’s a topic worth exploring. 

The Brotherly Shove, is a play the Eagles are heavily dominant in, it is often used on crucial downs when just a yard or two is needed, particularly on fourth downs. The play involves Jalen Hurts, the Eagles’ quarterback, lining up under center Jason Kelce, while two other players push Hurts from behind, giving him the necessary push to gain those few yards or inches.

The Eagles’ remarkable 93% success rate with the Brotherly Shove has set them apart from other NFL teams. While other teams have attempted similar plays, none have achieved the same level of effectiveness. The secret behind the Eagles’ success appears to be their personnel, especially the sheer strength and athleticism of Jalen Hurts, who is known to squat and deadlift an impressive 600 pounds. Along with their pro bowler center, Jason Kelce. 

One of the primary arguments against the Brotherly Shove play is the potential risk it poses to player safety. Football is undoubtedly a physically demanding sport with inherent dangers, so why would this play be any different from other plays in the game?  It’s worth noting that two New York Giants players sustained injuries when attempting to mimic the Eagles’ signature play. 

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“I don’t’ that the NFL should ban the play”. Suggesting that it would be an unfair ruling. Bridget Robinson ‘24 said. 

Others in the league might suggest banning the play just out of jealousy, as the Eagles have mastered this play, it gives them a considerable advantage. 

There could be opposition to the Tush Push play at the league level. While 4th-and-1 situations are inherently on the edge of set plays, the Eagles have turned them into an almost guaranteed success with the Tush Push. 

“The Tush Push does give the Eagles an advantage, but that’s because they have practiced it and moved the right players into pieces to make it effective every time” Brooke Hadlock ‘24 said.

Eagles’ head coach, Nick Sirianni, has expressed confidence in their mastery of the Tush Push. He noted after a game against the Miami Dolphins, “We’ve watched the rest of the league, and, quite frankly, they can’t do it like we can.” 

The Tush Push or Brotherly Shove play raises important questions about its place in the NFL. The impressive success rate, coupled with concerns about player safety, calls for a closer look at whether the league should consider regulating or banning this play. As the NFL continues to evolve and prioritize player safety, the fate of the Tush Push remains uncertain, making it a subject of intrigue and debate among football enthusiasts.

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