One of ten

Profile: Tara Boyd ’21


taken by professional photographer

Tara and her big family pose for a professional photo at the beach in Key Largo, Florida.

There is never a dull moment in a house with 10 kids. Tara Boyd ‘21, is one of ten siblings and is situated right in the middle: the ultimate middle child. 

Whether it’s picking up extra chores around the house, or chauffeuring the younger ones around, Boyd steps up. 

“It gives me a sense of responsibility I believe most teenagers don’t have at this age” said Boyd. Being part of a bigger family comes along with a level of maturity that has come to define her.

“You will never walk around the house without seeing a kid,” Boyd said. While being accustomed to the constant hustle of life, Tara’s days are continuously booked with both plans and errands, a common thread in her family.

“Whenever I’m needed to step in, I’m there,” Betsy Boyd, the oldest of the family, said. Growing up, Betsy was a positive role model toward Tara, offering guidance as well as support by attending all of her sporting and school events. Tara continues to follow in her footsteps by doing the same for her younger siblings.

“I can’t be everywhere at once,” said Mrs. Louise Boyd, mother of ten. She depends on Tara to fill in. Following in her mother’s path, Tara plans on having a big family, providing her future kids with the same experiences.

Family is more than a part of Boyd’s life, it’s her identity, distinguishing her from everyone else.  Boyd states, “being one of ten I’ve certainly learned the significance in the statement, ‘family comes first.’”