Historic VP pick inspires Mounties

Kamala Harris: the Historic VP Nominee


Taken by Gage Skidmore

Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris greets young supporters of her campaign.

Selina Sithya, Senior Associative Editor

On August 11, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced that his running mate for the 2020 election would be Senator Kamala Harris. Harris, for many years, has worked in politics in an abundance of positions from Attorney General of California to serving on the Committee on the Judiciary. She is the first South Asian-American and second African-American Senator in United States history. 

Within the Mount community, Harris is a role model for students. Most especially, young women and people of color can see themselves reflected in her and know that there is a place for them in politics.

Sydney Okeke ‘22 shared her own insights regarding Harris’s candidacy in an email, stating, “I see who I want to be in Kamala; she is tenacious, very intelligent, and classy.”

 Uma Padmanabhan ‘23 voiced a sentiment that resonates with many, “I honestly really feel that finally we are represented in the world and that Indian women can do anything. I cannot wait to see what the next step is.”

Senator Harris has accomplished much throughout her time in politics, including voting to protect the Affordable Care Act and to ensure marriage equality for Californians while acting as District Attorney. A firm believer in second chances, she created the initiative, Back on Track, in 2005, allowing those convicted for low-level drug sales to receive support and guidance for a better future. Harris actively worked to eradicate the existence of transnational gangs, which she deemed, “a real and present danger in California.” As Attorney General during the foreclosure crisis, she won a $25 billion settlement for thousands of homeowners in California. 

Harris, an avid proponent of civil disobedience, recalls her early memories, saying, “My parents would bring me to protests, strapped tightly in my stroller. My mother, Shyamala, raised my sister, Maya, and me to believe that it was up to us and every generation of Americans to keep on marching. She’d tell us, ‘Don’t sit around and complain about things, do something.’ So I did something, I devoted my life to making real the words carved in the United States Supreme Court, equal justice under law.” She marched in the streets of San Diego alongside hundreds, protesting the separation of families at the border. Furthermore, Harris introduced and co-sponsored legislations to raise workers’ wages and reform the criminal justice system. She is also dedicated to expanding access to healthcare and childcare for Americans and aiding veterans and military families.

Although she has achieved multitudes while working in politics and has earned several honorable positions, Harris is most proud of her title, “Momala” as she is stepmother to her husband’s children, Cole and Ella. At her first public appearance with Biden, she proudly declared, “Joe and I, yes, we are cut from the same cloth, family is everything to me too. . . I’ve had a lot of titles over my career, and certainly vice president will be great, but Momala will always be the one that means the most.” Similarly to parents and families all across America, Harris shared that her weekends include “cheering in the bleachers at a swim meet,” and “building legos with my godson,” further deepening her connection with the public.