Golden Girl

Profile: Jody Kyle ‘59


Jaylen Baron '21

Jody Kyle ’59 pictured in her MSJA yearbook and her credits.

Jody Kyle, Class of ‘59, is a woman of many accomplishments. She is a woman of courage, conviction and compassion, and a woman many admire. Mrs. Kyle’s time at the Mount started in 1955 and she has been very involved with the school since then.

As a student, Kyle participated in hockey, managed the basketball team, was in the musical and performed in the Christmas Concert. She is now a well-known alumni who still participates in the Alumni Board. 

When Kyle was a student, Mount was located down the street at what is now Chestnut Hill College. She and her 50 fellow classmates walked those halls instead of the building students know today. 

As a student, Kyle loved math, which was taught by Sister Mary Karen. The principal at the time, Mother Silvester, whose office was positioned in the middle of the hallway, often patrolled the halls.

She and her friends would watch popular TV shows during the 50s, including: American Bandstand, $64,000 Question and Ozzie and Harriett

During Kyle’s time at Mount, many historical events which would later shape her worldview took place. She witnessed Luna 1 reach the moon in 1959, America gain Alaska and Hawaii, and Dwight Eisenhower’s re-election as president in 1956.

Kyle’s graduation took place in the convent chapel at Chestnut Hill. Her career as a student ended with lifelong friends and many memories of her high school life. 

Today, Kyle and her friends from the Mount often get together, they are called the golden girls, meaning they are alumni who have graduated 50 years ago They love to attend events and reminisce about their time together.    

Jody Kyle has had an ongoing legacy at the Mount: Her daughter, two nieces and three grandchildren have all attended the Mount. She is also a very accomplished alumni and has received the Rosemary McNally award, which is given to an Alumna who has given consistent service.