Eagles pre-season predictions

Eagles will fight hard


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Philadelphia Eagles at their home field of the Lincoln Financial Field.

Get ready for a wild, crazy season, Eagles fans! With all that has happened this year due to the COVID-19, it is truly amazing that the Eagles are still having a season. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, no spectators are allowed at the games. This, however, has not stopped fans from following the events during the off-season and will not stop them from cheering on their favorite team every game day.

The 2020 NFL Draft was a defining moment in the Eagles’ offseason. The Eagles’ 2020 draft picks were surprising to some fans, but they also provided a great way to build the team’s offense. The first round pick, Jalen Reagor, a wide receiver from Texas Christian University will be a nice addition to the Eagles’ offense and can be a key weapon for quarterback Carson Wentz. Reagor’s speed, ability to make plays, and versatility on the field are going to be very beneficial for getting the offense moving and scoring points. Since Alshon Jeffery and Desean Jackson were injured for the majority of the 2019 season, the Eagles will need Reagor as their go-to wide receiver who can fill their places. Unfortunately, Reagor recently suffered due to injury and will miss the first two weeks of the season.

The second round pick proved to be the most shocking—the selection of quarterback Jalen Hurts from Oklahoma. His impressive senior year stats, including leading all college football players in red zone rushing touchdowns, along with his coachable personality, are what caught the eyes of head coach Doug Pederson and general manager Howie Roseman.

With this new asset to the team, the burning questions from all Eagles fans were “What about Carson Wentz? Isn’t Carson the starting quarterback?” As of right now, it seems that both Wentz and Hurts will be on the field at different times. Having both quarterbacks play will limit Wentz’s chance of getting injured, which has been a major problem in past seasons. This will also give the offense the opportunity to create more plays utilizing both quarterbacks’ strengths.

The other picks selected (listed below) are also beneficial in adding depth to both the offense and defense.

2020 NFL Draft Picks selected by the Eagles:

Round 1 Pick 21: Jalen Reagor (WR)

Round 2 Pick 53: Jalen Hurts (QB)

Round 3 Pick 103: Davion Taylor (LB)

Round 4 Pick 127: K’Von Wallace (S)

Round 4 Pick 145: Jack Driscoll (OT)

Round 5 Pick 168: John Hightower (WR)

Round 6 Pick 196: Shaun Bradley (LB)

Round 6 Pick 200: Quez Watkins (WR)

Round 6 Pick 210: Prince Tega Wanogho (OT)

Round 7 Pick 233: Casey Toohill (LB)

Source: NBC Sports

As for the 2020 schedule, the Eagles do not have a very challenging list of opponents. Eagles analysts, such as Adam Rank, believe that, if the team stays healthy, the Eagles are capable of going 13-3, winning the NFC East, and having multiple Playoff appearances. Other analysts disagree and think that this will be a “rebuilding year” due to a loss of valuable players, such as Malcom Jenkins, and the addition of the new draft picks. The Eagles’ loss of two key offensive linemen, Andre Dillard and Brandon Brooks, who both suffered injuries and will not be able to play this season, supports this theory. Since the offensive line protects the quarterback, it is perhaps one of the most important positions in football and is a major loss to the Eagles.

However, the Eagles still have much more talent on the roster including tight ends Zach Ertz and Dallas Goddert; Miles Sanders, who is likely to be the #1 running back for the Eagles; Boston Scott, who proved his impressive speed and ball-handling skills in the last regular game of the 2019 season; Fletcher Cox, the Eagles’ #1 defensive tackle; Jason Peters, the Eagles #1 guard; and of course the newest additions to the team from the Draft. If the Eagles are able to utilize their strongest players, they are in for a successful season.

Besides professional Eagles analysts’ opinions, it is always interesting to hear Mounties’ points of views on the season. Juniors and passionate Eagles fans Sam Ammons, Lauren O’Malley, and Grace Yaegel, all gave their opinions on the season.

Lauren O’Malley predicts that the Eagles will go 10-6 this season and that “The defense will be the backbone of the team this year to start off, but if the offense proves that they can stay consistent during high pressure games, then they could very well end the season carrying the team.” She also is fearful of our rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, and predicts that, “The Cowboys are going to give us a run for our money this year. They are a strong team with a lot of potential going into this season.”

Grace Yaegel, another avid Eagles fan, predicts that the Eagles will go 9-7 this season, but knows that it will be a tricky year all around. “With the CoronaVirus, it makes everything very hard to predict.” In addition, she also believes that with Carson Wentz’s unfortunate history of injuries, Jalen Hurts will need to step up as the starting quarterback at one point or another this season.

Lastly, Sam Ammons is a firm believer that, “Even though the defense if going to carry the team to victories, the offense will score big points with standout receivers, JJ Arega-Whiteside and Greg Ward.” Similar to Lauren’s opinion, she also believes that, “The Eagles and Cowboys will both fight hard for first place, but the Giants will not be far behind.” All of the girls are hopeful for a successful season, but know that it will not be easy.

In summary, with the new and old talent on the team, the Eagles have what it takes to win the NFC East this season. Despite having to play some challenging teams, such as the Seattle Seahawks and Greenbay Packers, and being faced with injuries from star players, if the team stays healthy and the rookies find their roles on the team, there is no reason why the Eagles will not have a successful season. Fly Eagles Fly!