A little certainty

New Neighbors Series: Ms. McCloy

Elizabeth Birmingham

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taken by Liz Dolich ‘22

Kiera McCloy ’13 poses in her office as the new role of Director of Enrollment Management.

Ms. Kiera McCloy ‘13 is returning to the Mount community as the director of enrollment management, formerly known as the admissions office.  With a new title, her office takes on expanded responsibilities.  In addition to helping prospective students through the application and enrollment process, the enrollment management office now devotes more time to current students at Mount.

During her time as a Mount student, Ms. McCloy was involved in the Gold Key Club, where she found her passion for sharing her experiences with others.

“I’ve always had a passion for working with people,” she says.

Ms. McCloy, a graduate in the class of 2013, has many years of experience in the admissions field.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in business and later a master’s degree from Villanova University.  Before returning to the Mount, Ms. McCloy was an assistant director of enrollment management at Temple University’s College of Education.  

Ms. McCloy was drawn back to the Mount because of the unparalleled community of teachers, faculty, and students.  

“It just felt right,  it felt like I was coming home,” McCloy says about her return.

COVID-19 has made the adjustment a bit difficult, as Ms. McCloy, who started in May, had no interaction with students for a long time.  In a student driven position, this certainly posed a challenge for her.  Not to be understated, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the traditional methods of outreach, as it is impossible to hold open houses, host shadow students, or visit grade schools in the current state of affairs. 

When asked why the date of the entrance exam was earlier than prior years, McCloy said, “We want to provide a little certainty in an uncertain time in our world.”

With the successful scholarship/entrance exam, Ms. McCloy demonstrated that she is up for the challenge. Ms. McCloy encourages all Mounties to join the Gold Key Club and to get involved with admissions in any way they can.