An experimental first year

New Neighbors Series: Ms. Manley


taken by Jaylen Baron ‘21

Mrs. Carissa Manley poses for a photo in her new classroom in the science wing.

Ms. Carissa Manley joins Mount’s science department, teaching Honors Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, and Genetics. 

Ms. Manley received a degree in Biology from LaSalle University and her graduate degree in Education at Chestnut Hill College. She spent all of her graduate experience and student teaching experience at Plymouth Whitemarsh, but this is her first year long position as a high school teacher. 

Interestingly, Ms. Manley was drawn to the Mount because her high school experience was all-girls as well. “It was something that was very close to my heart…” she said, “I loved the sisterhood [at my highschool] and wanted to be somewhere that embraced and had similar values [to it].”

After hearing more about all of the activities and events students partake in, Ms. Manley is most excited to be a part of Mount’s school spirit. She also said, “ I am really excited for Genetics, because I know that nobody has taught it at the Mount in a while, so I know it’ll be a nice challenge.” 

Ms. Manley’s transition to her new position, while dealing with the new challenges COVID-19 has brought, has been as smooth as it could be, especially with the support and optimism from her colleagues and students. Ms. Manley encourages students to take her Anatomy & Physiology and Genetics classes. Ms. Manley feels “really welcomed and [is] excited for what the school year is going to bring.”