His door is always open

New Neighbors Series: Mr. Lattanze


taken by Gina Princivalle ‘21

Mr. Ryan Lattanze smiles for a photo outside of his office in guidance.

Mr. Lattanze was formerly the administrative assistant for the guidance department, but now he is working as the Student Academic Coach.

Mr. Lattanze appreciates the help and advice he has received from Ms. Salvo, who has “been a saint,” and previously held his new position.

Mr. Lattanze has made some adjustments due to the hybrid schedule, and COVID-19 has made scheduling a greater challenge.

“It’s definitely been tricky with the schedule for cohorts. Trying to figure out what girls are on what day and with their different classes on A and B day” said Lattanze.

On the up side, with half the student body being online, Zoom has made it easier for Mr. Lattanze to meet with students. If a student is not at school one day, Zoom has given them the opportunity to meet with him.

Although this year has brought on challenges for Mr. Lattanze, his previous experience in guidance has made his transition smoother. Having a year of experience at Mount has also been helpful as he approaches these new challenges.

He wants Mounties to know that his door is always open for anyone who is in need of help, or is feeling overwhelmed.