Worth the struggle

New Neighbors: Ms. Gryscavage


taken by Gina Princivalle '21

Ms. Jordan Gryscavage poses for a photo in her room in the art wing.

With the both visual art teachers on back to back maternity leaves, the fine arts department lucks out with Jordan Gryscavage: a young teacher eager to bring her passion for art (especially art history) to Mount.

Gryscavage started January 2020 picking up right where visual arts teacher Elizabeth Hamilton left off following the birth of her daughter. Prior to that, Gryscavage taught art as a maternity sub at Conwell Egan High School in Fairless Hill, PA. She has been teaching for two years. After being informed about the position at Mount, and knowing that her position at Conwell Egan was only temporary, Gryscavage applied for the job.

This year, Gryscavage is filling in for visual arts teacher Cara Croke who is on maternity leave. She is teaching Studio Art, two Design Basics classes and AP Art History, which she is especially excited for. “[Art History] is the one thing I’ll really nerd out about,” she said. Gryscavage has a strong passion for art history and is currently working towards her master’s degree in art history and arts management.

Forming connections with students is very important to her. She said her favorite part of her job is “Getting to talk with [my students] and seeing [their] thoughts and opinions on stuff.”

She found the switch from a co-ed school to all girls school refreshing, saying it is “So much calmer, so much more focused, so much more respectful.” And although it has been a transition reworking lessons to fit both online and in person, Gryscavage said “[She thinks] it’s worth the struggle.”

Gryscavage takes inspiration from women in the arts, especially during time periods where they faced oppression such as the 1960s. “They were pushed down a lot and it is interesting to see them over come being overshadowed a lot. They inspire me everyday to stand up for women,” she said.

When she is not teaching or working towards her master’s, Gryscavage enjoys vintage shopping. “That’s a big thing for me, like going through stores or online estoy shopping,” she laughs, “Which is not good.”