Hair dye: the ticket to individuality

New trends in colored hair inspire Mounties to express themselves.


Janet Fitzpatrick

Freshly dyed, staff writer Beth Fitzpatrick petitioned the administration for permission to split-dye her hair.

Beth Fitzpatrick, Opinions Editor

Self expression is important for everyone. It’s what makes people different from each other. If we didn’t have self expression, the world would be a very boring and underwhelming place.

Many schools, like the Mount, require uniforms. Even though there are many positive effects of uniforms, such as the feeling of unity and less stress about wearing the perfect outfit everyday, the list of negative effects is just as long. Uniforms can make students feel uncomfortable and unlike themselves.

Being able to express themself with their hair color and style could help fix this issue. Allowing this form of self expression can boost student’s confidence and creativity, improve mental health, and make the school environment more welcoming towards everyone.

One of the main reasons some schools are so apprehensive about allowing dyed hair is that they deem it distracting towards the learning environment. They believe that students will focus on their own or other people’s hair instead of school work. From my experience, neither me nor my peers have been distracted by someone’s hairstyle. After the first or second day of changing your hair, no one really brings it up.

Arianna Mijares ’24 rocks a punky pink balayage. Students with funky and fun hair can be seen all around Mount. (Beth Fitzpatrick ’24)

In addition to fear of distraction, some schools worry about their reputation. They want their students to represent their values and want to be respected. I believe that students advocating for themselves and other students to be able to do something is a good thing that will positively reflect the school’s ideals. Accepting and respecting students is much more important than having a traditional uniform.

For the past two months, my hair has been split-dyed brown and blonde. Many warned me that I might face judgement from my peers and from other people in my life. However, I have heard nothing but compliments from friends, strangers at work, and other students.

Dyeing my hair was one of the best decisions I have made this year. It has allowed me to express myself in ways I couldn’t do before. I believe that every student should be able to express themself like I have.

After experiencing these last couple of months and seeing how people reacted, I wish I could have changed my hair sooner. I’ve gotten numerous compliments and questions about my hair and I’m able to be more myself during school.

I feel that it is time to update our handbook policies and create a welcoming environment for students and teachers alike. Everyone should have the opportunity to express their personality and be themselves at school, since we spend a majority of our teenage years there.