Mount’s Easter Egg Hunt Clues!


Carly Oniskey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Need some help with a few eggs? Try to solve these riddles that will lead you to the fifteen hardest hiding places!

1. In the equation y=1/2x^2-455, if y=34923 what is the value of x?

2. Closest thing to the Mount pool.

3.  Ask one half of your favorite married couple here at Mount “Do you like your eggs scrambled or over easy”

4. #BikiniBod!

5. Dewey know where the fifth egg is?

6. Behind the Scenes!

7. The 7th egg steps into the spotlight!

8. Breaking News: Popcorn fire at Mount St Joseph’s Academy

9. I’m Roman for some food!

10. The ghosts of classes’ past.

11. Tomorrow’s attire.

12. Where Stanley goes to die (RIP)

13. Under the sun, a place for fun. Has a lot of chairs, yet no one seems to sit there!

14. GONG!!!

15. Stay Goalden!