A look into “Everything Everywhere All At Once”

A movie that has not only broken the multiverse, but the internet.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” official promotional poster featuring the movie’s  spectacular cast.


“Everything Everywhere All at Once” official promotional poster featuring the movie’s spectacular cast.

Gianna Scotto, Staff Member

Looking at some of the scenes you may think that the hotdog fingers and googly eyes are weird, but this film has a certain something that makes it uniquely its own. 

Everything Everywhere All At Once” was directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Before “Everything Everywhere All at Once” the two came together to direct “Swiss Army Man”, a 2016 comedy film starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe

The cast of “Everywhere Everything All At Once” is quite notable. Michelle Yeoh, who played the main protagonist Evelyn Quan Wang. Jamie Lee Curtis, another notable star who played the hardened Deirdre Beaubeirdre. Rising movie star Stephanie Hsu played the teen daughter, Joy Wang, of main character Evelyn Quan Wang. 

However Ke Huy Quan returned to the big screen to portray the character Waymond Wong. Before this, he was mainly known as the little boy in “Indiana Jones” that had not appeared in many other films. Now, he is on the big screen again and has been welcomed with open arms by many stars and the awards community. He has been nominated and won best supporting actor from a multitude of different award shows. 

The awards the movie has been nominated for many awards and the ones that it has one so far are due to the internet’s reaction to it.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” cast celebrating together and having fun.

“It really plays with your mind by using different visuals and sound to make it seem really trippy,” said Sine Thompson ‘24. 

The movie had taken the internet by storm and it was able to bring up topics that sometimes aren’t mentioned much in Hollywood and the fact that “Everything Everywhere All at Once” was able to address them.

“It’s really exploring a deep topic that’s really philosophical and a lot of people could think really deeply about. Other studios like Marvel have explored it, but in a childish sense, more kid friendly. It feels like a Marvel movie made by adults, for adults who are thinking more deeply about life,” said Thompson. 

In the movie the generational gap between Joy, Stephanie Hsu’s character, and Evelyn Quan Wang, Michelle Yeoh’s character. The mother daughter relationship between them has stretched across the multiverse. 

A major plot point in the movie is that there are multiple realities and our main character is going through them all as they shatter and are ruined. The antagonist, Jobu Tupaki, is played by Stephanie Hsu as well. 

The movie is in Evelyn’s point of view and we are able to see her side of her struggles with her daughter that is growing away from her. They have a gap that has not been there when the two were younger. 

The depiction that Joy is the villain of the story is a representation of the strained relationship between the two and the gap that was created. Evelyn and her husband are both immigrants, but their daughter has adopted western ideas and ideals into her life unlike her mother. 

Evelyn also refuses to tell her father who is visiting them. This factor also shows another one of Evelyn’s struggles and another generation gap in her life. The gap between her and her father is weighing heavily on her and is affecting her other relationships. 

Evelyn does not want for her father to see her and the life she has made as a failure. She is depicted with bills stacking up around her just like the weight of her worries and doubts. She strives for her father’s approval, just as Joy strives for her mother’s approval.

Evelyn’s journey across the many different realities, the rock falling down the cliff, made her realize something. That whatever her daughter does, whether it be getting a tattoo or never calling, she will always love her even if she never says it. She will always want to be with her daughter no matter how big their gap has grown. 

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