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Five things I learned in high school
Five things I learned in high school
June 1, 2024

Life is an endless cycle of messing up, learning the lesson, and then messing up again. Here are a couple lessons I’ve learned throughout the...

New Heights: The Top-Ranked Sports Podcast by Jason and Travis Kelce
New Heights: The Top-Ranked Sports Podcast by Jason and Travis Kelce
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Ella Sennick chases puck across the ice during hockey match.
Ella Sennick Skates
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Challengers Review
Challengers Review
May 16, 2024

Snow day saves students’ spirits.

After 751 days without snow, Mounties are overjoyed by a surprise day off.
Mia Moss ‘25
The Campanile, which is a symbol of Mount’s unity stands tall as the afternoon sunlight glistens on the snow. Multiple students were seen passing under The Campanile because the paths were free of ice.

After many dry winters, snow days were starting to become just a myth. However, as of Tuesday, 1/16/24, many Mounties experienced their first high school snow day.

A statue outside the Sylvester Wing is covered with snow. Some students believe that the upcoming snow on Friday will lead to a zoom class day.

Students did not anticipate another day off in addition to no school on MLK day. However, students in Ms. Ochs’ Christian Morality class, Ramsey Tabor ’25, and Sofia Glantz ’25 stated that Ms. Ochs has been heavily manifesting for the extra day off.

Although the majority of Mounties stayed indoors and caught up on missed sleep, some adventured outdoors.

While outside sledding, Ella Kurek ’26 sprained her ankle, making her require crutches. Gigi Gaffney ’25 and Paige Carson ’25 went night sledding in Carson’s neighborhood, enjoying the winter weather.

Gaffney said, “I loved it and it totally brought out my inner child. It was also very creepy, but we both looked past that.”

“I actually did not want to go sledding at first, because I have a little bit of PTSD because the last time I went sledding, I hit this kid. And I didn’t want to do that again. So, instead I went sledding on a shorter hill where I could’ve hit a tree and injured myself. I did not hit a tree, I did not hit a kid, and nobody hit me. And I had fun,” said Sam Ramos ‘24.

A parking lot in Blue Bell at sunset on Tuesday, January 16 2024.

“I flavored a cup of snow with lemonade from Wawa that I got the previous day, and it was really good. Highly recommend. Wintertime delicacy. Famous in the Burrell household, but only to me because my parents don’t eat it,” Natalie Burrell ‘24 said about her snow day activities.

During the morning of 1/17/24, the Mount parking lot was a virtual ice rink. Many Mounties slipped on the ice or struggled to get across the concrete to school.

Annie Gleba ’24 said, “Riley Fitzpatrick ’24 grabbed onto her car but slid underneath it.” Luckily, no injuries were sustained.

Mount’s director of maintenance, Mr. Guy Petrucci stated,”We started yesterday removing the snow around 4:30 am. We worked through the day and removed all the snow and then the ice started coming, then the rain and the sleet. We were scrapping the sidewalks the best we could, but we can’t really scrape the parking lot. This morning we were out here at 6:00 putting out salt, melting the snow, and using ice scrapers.”

Some students believe that the upcoming snow on Friday may bring a virtual zoom day. Others anticipate another 2 hour-delay. Despite student theories and hopes, we can only anticipate what the weather will bring.

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Nadja Eyring
Nadja Eyring, Comic Artist
Nadja has been on the campanile since her sophomore year, and has throughly enjoyed sharing her talents with such a multi-faceted club. Looking back on the past two years, Nadja has shared her art skills in making comics for the campanile using the lovable character named: “Susie”!
Julia Burdick
Julia Burdick, Staff Writer

Julia is a Sophomore at the Mount, and this is her second year with the Campanile. Julia is involved in a number of clubs, and outside of school, she enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and skiing. She is looking forward to further contributing to the Campanile!

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