Review: “The Social Dilemma”

Documentary challenges audiences to look closely at the role social media plays in our lives.


Source: Netflix

“The Social Dilemma” brings to light the detriments of social media.

An eye-opening documentary has been trending all over Netflix, scrutinizing the dangers posed by social media. “The Social Dilemma,” directed by Jeff Orlowski, was released on September 9th and has added a new perspective on the growing world of social media: Google, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, and more.

Through incorporating credible sources in the film, Orlowski gains the trust of the audience, allowing viewers to open their minds and fully get an inside look. The documentary interviews knowledgeable people who have worked in the industry. They offer insight on how the field of technology is continuously evolving, both positively and negatively.

“Hearing this information from people who actually worked in these companies really made me feel the information was right from the source,” said Lexie Weeks.

As the documentary continues, it utilizes both a traditional documentary style as well as an investigative approach. The film makes sure to keep the audience engaged by also attaching a narrative story, further highlighting the effects of social media on today’s youth. The various approaches and viewpoints depicted in the documentary add a level of depth to the film, while also making it relatable to the viewers.

“The Social Dilemma” is an informative piece that pushes for change. It works to encourage the audience to take this new understanding of social media and apply it to their lives. This brings about an inspirational feel in the film that causes the audience to want to take action. As the documentary delves into the truth of the media, it seemingly has a depressing tone; however, toward the end, it shifts to a hopeful voice as they say you, the viewer, can make the change.

If you enjoy documentaries that cause you to question what you believed to be true, I suggest you turn on “The Social Dilemma.”