Rowing with the punches

Quaranteams: Crew


taken by Jen Fasey

Rowers share a laugh in-between pieces at a fall practice

With COVID-19  cases still present and steady in Pennsylvania, Mount crew and other crew teams are finding new and innovative ways to stay safe during practice.

Crew was the last team at the Mount to condition and “practice” as a whole. The crew team is a little different because they do not practice at the Mount, but at their boathouse in Conshohocken.

After getting clearance from Lois Trench-Hines, the owner of their boathouse, Mount crew was ready to practice on September 21st, with many safety precautions including no pre-work or post-work.

The team did not have their all-important spring season, but did have their fall season. They had a great fall season and did well at one of the biggest regattas in the world, Head of the Charles.

Despite the changes made, Kate Kelly ‘22 said “I am personally very excited, and I like how we are easing into it.”

The coaches are trying to keep it safe and adapt to the new ways of COVID-19. Some precautions implemented are no more coxswain bags. Instead every rower has to carry their own bag and coxswains additionally have to wear a mask and a face shield in the boat. Kelly says that it is definitely a change but everyone is doing well.

Ella Valencia ‘21, who is one of the two senior coxswains, is “really excited to be back, but definitely going to take some time to get used to,” considering her role as the coxswain she is understandably nervous.

Valencia has the all important job of keeping the boat and rowers safe, as well as steering the boat and motivating the rowers. Regardless of the significant job Valencia has, she is still happy and excited to practice with her team.

Through all of what seemed like organized chaos, Mount crew has learned to adapt to constant changes being made. Practice time has been shortened and the girls are spending less time at the boathouse and more time on the water. Kelly said that it is “super great to be on the river,” seeing that it has been almost 7 months since most of her and her crew mates have been on the water.